Luxury Chic

Luxury Chic’s radiant glossy lacquers and exciting contrasts, involving hairline-finish brass and anthracite-gray velvets, bring the Italia vision to an exceptional level of elegance and refinement—the essence of “luxury chic.”

Positive Statements

The powerful, yet airy Ravello table with its acid-finish cold-drawn steel base, individually elaborated with tailor-made panels—available in several different woods, marble, and even saddle or soft leather—can be freely fit with variously sized tops up to the scale of a large conference table.

Limitless Possibilites

With the Positano sofa, anything feels possible. With its remarkable modularity and flexibility, all of Positano’s elements work around a curved multilayer platform that puts innumerable solutions into play—linear or corner arrangements, symmetrical or asymmetrical geometries, high or low armrests. The seat cushions and backrests can be effortlessly moved around the base structure, allowing for the creation of a countless number of convivial seating arrangements.