Mare Nostrum's aesthetic is born out of a continuous process of evolution.

The Mare Nostrum collection pushes boundaries, exploring uncharted territory in the quest for a compelling expression of identity that embraces the very best of the ancient and the modern. Evoking a journey through the diverse civilizations of the Mediterranean that are multiethnic and multicultural, but each unique and unique, the collection represents the fusion of wide-ranging heritage with fresh, bold combinations. Each piece’s unmistakably contemporary, yet timeless design, rich in stylistic influences, works in harmony with the others in strikingly elegant ensembles. From social living and dining rooms to intimate bedrooms, these masterfully crafted interiors convey an eclectic yet elegantly coherent vision.







MARE NOSTRUM > Peak Relaxation


Fonte’s eye-catching curved backrest is available in various exotic woods of the Italia collection while its pleated seat and seat back are available in the fabrics and leathers of the collection.

Brenta’s strong metal elements juxtapose with warm and supple wood tones and luxurious lacquers.

Belfiore’s generously volumed cushions offer maximum comfort without compromising lightness and a clear, compelling design sensibility. Its slender but sturdy tubular legs with polished brass tips contrast smartly with the chair’s luxurious seat, yielding an iconic image of contemporary classicism.

The infrastructure of the Morgano, an incredibly comfortable chair, is made of hard and durable wood; just like a tree whose flowers are soft and fluffy and its roots are deep.

Albarella’s strong structure consists of delicately processed yet stable ingredients. The shelves of the sofa are quite suitable for the placement of both aesthetic and daily objects in terms of volume.

MARE NOSTRUM > A Place to Celebrate


Whether selected in soft leather or one of a broad range of available fabrics, the Alonte dinner chair enunciates an unmistakable spirit of refinement. Alonte’s curvaceous form emphasizes its signature stitching, showcasing the exceptional handwork that goes into each and every piece of the Mare Nostrum collection.

The Levanzo dining room table’s commanding top of thick hardwood is intriguingly contrasted by a fine decorative undertrim, whose metallic finish matches with levity and wit the tabletop’s single- or dual-column support.

The sweeping arc of Adria’s backrest is contoured with a hardwood edge, giving the dinner chair a look that merges the austere and the deeply romantic. Its strong, but delicate-looking legs flow into the hardwood base, which then joins the running armrest in a satisfying structural gesture.

Shaped by a consistent and aesthetic language, Saletto draws all the attention with its soft lines and curved structure that contrast with its assertive lines.

MARE NOSTRUM > Statement Storage


Careful metal details, contrasting beautifully with the sophisticated color palette, bring Cadria to a unique quality.

Livenza’s geometric plain-spokenness evinces this sideboard’s clarity of purpose, which is set off intriguingly by the subtle metallic interplay between the doors’ refined detailing—including their jewel-like handles—and the unexpectedly pronounced feet.



Available with legs of either metal or wood and tops either leather-covered or lacquered—featuring exquisitely composed veneer patterning—Barrafranca manifests Casa’s passion for creating furniture that is truly inimitable and exclusive.

A motif that is both visually attractive and conceptually tantalizing, furthermore articulates and energizes the line along which this remarkable sideboard’s top and sides come together. Bordano’s metal legs accentuate the cabinet’s inclined sides, framing its lovely structure and redefining its sensuous silhouette.

Inspired by the Doric column heads of the Ancient Greek period, the conical vertical lines of the Bordano sideboard rise upwards and merge with the hard wooden table that resembles a column head and forms the heart of the design. Though sleek and simple, Bordano has exquisite details through out that make it a true jewel piece.



The armrests are a staple in the design, upholstered in leather and completely exposed. In tandem with the fine details of the armrests, a signature Casa International belt wraps around the entire piece, enhancing the detail and luxury that Lipari exudes. While the armrests are only available in leather, the seat and back cushions can be upholstered in both fabrics and leathers of the collection allowing you to customize the piece and mix textiles. Whether arranged in multiples or as a single accent piece, the Lipari chair is sure to provide both comfort and style in any seating area.

A delicate, inviting line traces the perimeter of the Gavello armchair, highlighting its bold, distinctive shape while accentuating the subtle transition between its frank exterior geometry and the gentle, satisfying embrace of its interior volume. The Gavello armchair is available in the fabrics and leathers of the collection for both its seat and seat back as well as its feet, creating a unique design of an entirely upholstered piece.

Design using leather or marble coating; Finished using a metallic, matte or glossy finish. With its different wood options, Lampione adds elegance to its environment.


Morgano Morgano 01 02 02 Morgano Morgano Morgano Morgano MARE NOSTRUM MORGANO Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2017 _eye-catching and comfortable The most eye-catching form of comfort, Morgano is among the distinguished

March 22, 2022

Albarella’s strong structure consists of delicately processed yet stable ingredients. The shelves of the sofa are quite suitable for the placement of both aesthetic and daily objects in terms of volume.

March 15, 2022