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Brenta & Vidor

Essential, rigorous design based in clear, pure geometries and intensified by contrasting materials & Vidor is an authentic expression of interior design and a standout example of ergonomic comfort.

Casa International

Casa Studio

Casa Classic

Simplicity in aesthetics and comfort: Casa...

 Casa blends aesthetics and comfort while combining art and functionality, presenting futuristic minimalist designs at the pinnacle of style.

Elegance, superior quality and unbounded comfort reflected in modern designs and functionality: Casa Studio DISCOVER

The distinctive Casa philosophy draws from avant-garde and classic styles: Casa Classic DISCOVER

For those who like to accentuate exceptional workmanship in a unique and gracious form: Casa International DISCOVER

Redefine beauty and indulgence in outdoor spaces with a rugged and functional composition: Casa Outdoor DISCOVER

A Casa piece to complement the way you live...

"You might decorate a space beautifully with a distinctive touch, and it may look spectacular; however, if it doesn't suit the lifestyle of the person living there, all of the effort goes to waste."

Casa bases its product diversity and design excellence on this belief.